Sometimes I think I am doing a great job; stuff is leaving my house, my life is simpler. Then I uncover a new thing.

This week I decided to start on CD’s.

I gathered them all together Konmari style and put them on the dining room table. Them I sorted them into categories; artists, bands, genres etc. Its a little overwhelming. Many of these CD’s were my husbands and its really hard to know what to do with them. 😦

I have decided to iTunes pretty much all of them. My kids might want to know what kind of music their Dad loved.

I think uncovering the CD’s has left me a little emotional this week. I’ll post some photos tomorrow.

Pantry organisation

This week I made a “Pinterest Perfect Pantry” for myself. 😉

My pantry wasn’t too bad to start with, I generally clean it out every couple of months or so. Lately I have been trying to use up things in my pantry rather than buy stuff at the supermarket so it wasn’t too full either.

here are a few before shots..

My pantry was trying to be organised, but it with no well defined homes for things, it was a bit messy.

At the same time I emptied my “junk drawer” which really wasn’t full of junk, just random things that either didn’t have a home anywhere else or stuff I thought might be useful in the kitchen. I also sorted the little nook above the junk drawer which is a kind of extension of the drawer and all purpose dumping ground.

I cleaned it out and used the same drawer inserts (from Officeworks) to store spices, they fitted almost perfectly. Now I can see my spices better I also tossed some duplicates and expired ones.


Then I completely emptied and cleaned my pantry and put similar stuff together. Then I started putting things back in.


It looked OK, but not very pretty. I had seen people use lazy Susan’s and baskets so we went to the shopping centre. I wanted cheap but nice! We tried Big W, Target and K-Mart. I found the baskets and lazy Susan at K-mart, pretty cheap. Here is the finished product.

I was pretty happy with that, and I can’t stop opening it to admire my work 😉




I finished off the junk drawer too with non slip drawer inserts. With the nook I just put back the sunglasses and phones. Keys will also live here.


Jam and Plaster was what our Grandma used to say instead of swearing. She used to say it a lot; maybe that’s why we swear so much.

Between us we have four children aged between 9 and 10. We work full time day jobs, then put on our home hats and work some more.

We have plenty of experience with clutter, hoarding, disorganisation; mainly our own family. I have realised I like to be organised and tidy but was never given the opportunity until recently. I am still working things out and everyday I de-clutter, I can see my future minimalist home and its not that far away.